belly ring

Sky • 18, straight and in a LDR , not TTC
my boyfriend doesn't care if I get double, triple, or cartilage piercings, dye my hair, get tattoos but he has requested two things: 
I keep my hair below the shoulder and I don't get my belly button pierced. 
I've wanted my belly pierced ever since I was a child and I'm going to turn 18 soon... 
is it wrong of me to listen to him?
he said he doesn't find belly piercings attractive and he would not want to see it (aka removed for sex, showers, etc.) and with the hair, he just prefers it long cause he likes to play with it and just thinks my hair itself is pretty (doesn't think my hair makes ME any more or less pretty) 
the reason I choose to listen to him is because I personally find my relationship with him more important a than a piercing and tbh the only reason I wanna cut my hair is cause it's hard to brush but he likes to brush my hair for me 😂😂
thoughts? am I crazy?