*Update on heavy bleeding at 14w*

So I'm not sure if anyone's been following my story but I just wanted to share in update. On Friday I had a tremendous amount of bleeding with a huge clot. I went to the ER where they did a quick u.s to check for viability and that's it. They didn't measure amnio fluid or nothing. Sent home with threatened miscarriage discharge papers. The bleeding subsided and turned into brown discharge. I obviously had not rested my brain just over thinking and replaying the traumatic event. We went back to the ER because I saw more fresh blood with clear mucus. They were so detailed and careful and acted like they cared there. They did a full detailed u.s only to find that my cervix is completely closed, no synchronic hemorrhage and baby looked perfect. They have no idea where the bleeding came from but asked me to rest and follow up with OB tomorrow morning. I finally feel like I can breathe. She measured every single thing in the u.s and even printed two pictures for me which she said she wasn't supposed to but have them to me for reassurance because she had been through a similar event. I just wanted to share and thank God for hearing my prayers. Baby Devin is perfectly growing!