I feel so ashamed to even be writing this. 
Recently my boyfriend of 3 years and I have been going through a very rocky patch, I feel as if a lot of love has been lost and I'm struggling to get it back. 
He makes no effort with anything, I feel like his mother! I cook and I clean and I do everything with NO thanks and re entry it's been getting me down. 
2 days ago I checked my junk email box as I was looking for a specific email and discover my junk mail full of emails from Plenty of fish (the dating site) I had no idea I was still on it! I went on it to delete it but curiousity got the better of me and I couldn't help looking at the messages I was being sent. One message caught my eye and since then I have been non stop talking to this guy, it's been flirty and I feel so bad about it but I can't stop 😔 I'm really missing the attention in my relationship at the mo and this guy just makes me feel wanted. I need to stop it because I do love my boyfriend and would be devastated if this was the other way around. 
You can call me pathetic, and all sorts.. Trust me I KNOW. 
I need advice and I just needed to tell someone to stop me from going crazy.