health care denying choice birthcontrol! illegal?

I just got off the phone with Humana and explained to them how the paraguard is my only comfortable choice! I've done hormonal BC three different ways and each time was a depressive suicidal mess! I'm a happy butterfly, I suffer from mild depression but nothing major at all!!!! but somehow almost drove my car into the Mississippi River one night after those pills!
I'm not putting my life at risk again! I pulled over off the bridge, called my (soon to be hubby) in tears!!!! 
Humana told me its pills or sterilization.
Like suicide or never have children which for me is just as bad! I NEED to be a mom! Just not yet!!!!!
I feel like Obama Care had something against that whole conversation I just had, where you can't deny choice birth control!
Am I right?! Can anyone please help me?!