Baby Boy Is Here!!!

Joanna ā€¢

So my October baby ended up being a September baby. I went in to see my doctor the morning of the 7th with contractions just to find out I was dilated at 3 cm. The doctor sent me home and told me to come back at 3:00 so he could check me again. Well when I went in at 3:00 I had dilated up to a 5 so he sent me over to labor and delivery where I stayed the night and woke up to be wheeled down to have a c-section at 7:30am since the ultrasound showed that he was going to be a bigger baby. It took 2 trys to get the spinal block to work but once that kicked in it was no time that I heard my baby's first cry. At 8:25am we welcomed our little Jakobi into the world. Since he was a little over 3 weeks early he had to spend a week in the NICU but is a very healthy baby boy now.

He weighed 10lbs 7oz and was 22in long šŸ’™