Gross kitchen habits

I know it's always bad to talk about your spouse's bad habits to others, but I just need to vent. My husband is wonderful and is a hell of a cook... The problem is the mess he leaves behind in the wake of his incredible meals. The man thinks that a sink with no garbage disposal and small holes to the drain is a trash can. He literally throws all uneaten food as well as garbage into the sink when he finishes with his plate and just leaves it for me to handle later. I'm sick of it, but I know it will hurt his feelings if I tell him it's gross and I need him to stop. 
I am going to tell him I stop doing it tonight and I know he will complain about how he works for 8+ hours a day which I understand. I am in college trying to graduate in the spring and he likes to make it seem like I'm sitting on my butt all day and have time to clean after him 24/7... College takes hours of hard work especially if you're a Biology major in their Senior year taking graduate level classes. 
Sorry I just needed to get this off my chest! Thanks for reading and tell me if you think I'm being a drama queen.