bfp after mmc??

Hello! I had a mmc last month. My husband and I went in for a scan and there was no heartbeat. We were (and still are) devestated. I took medication to induce mmc. Dr confirmed with my next blood test hcg was gone. After I stopped bleeding hubs and I started having sex. I tested two weeks ago and got a negative hpt. Tested a few days later got a faint. Tested a few days later with a digital and got 2-3 weeks. Tested since then and line has gotten darker. I'm just praying this is my sticky rainbow baby. I'm worried as I have been lightly spotting brown for the past week. It is pretty much gone now though. I took a test today after spotting pretty much has stopped and the line seems to be pretty dark. Praying this is my healthy rainbow. Please keep me, my husband, and my baby in your prayers. Anyone have any success stories after going through the same thing?