Horrible lower stomach pressure pain!

I'm currently 32 weeks. For the past 3 days or so the pressure in my lower stomach towards my pelvic area has been horrible. It makes walking very hard, I can't bend down on my knees without struggling for some time to regain my strength, now out of nowhere I'm getting nauseous. I have not been sick this entire pregnancy once. There has been no blood, mucus, etc. but my son has been head down for a few weeks now and since he's been down the pain has gotten worse. Today I was in a store when I felt a hard punch and sharp knife pain near my hip usually he punches low and I almost keeled over doubled in pain. It was the most pain I've felt in my life but only last a second. I don't have contractions or Braxton hicks (I may but I don't feel them). I can't sit up anymore like at all on the couch because my stomach is pushing up my breasts and against them so my lungs are so compressed and laying down feels okay for like 5 minutes then I'm turning on my sides opposite every few minutes. Anyone else going through this?? The pressure I'm feeling is insane and to the point I can't do much anymore. Going to call my doctor in the morning and see if there is anything I should do.