she called my baby ugly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Volex β€’
First and foremost I know my son is adorable and in no way upset that anyone thinks he's ugly or not. It is their opinion. But I just wanted to share my comical evening. So my bf baby mama who has been the thorn in our relationship since the start, hasn't cool down if anything it just seem to ignite more flames. She always tries to break my relationship even when she's the reason they broke up so many dam time. But in her perspective once your hers it gonna stay that way. πŸ˜’ my bf and I has been together almost 4 years now and we just recently have our baby boy. She hasn't let my bf see his daughter for almost a year now because my bf is still with me. Her words were "if you still with her you can't see your daughter" now in the beginning she did let him see his daughter she also sent him nudes as well. She tried to break us up and almost succeeded. Until she made the mistake of trying to have her current bf and his friends jump my bf. Anyways long story short, she posted on Facebook saying "So he finally got that heffer pregnant. Shit they make such a cute family a deadbeat dad, his fat pilgrim bitch and their ugly offspring they call son." See I don't care what she calls me because I rather be a pilgrim then a skanky hoe who has dicks up and down that stretched out black hole she calls a vagina. My bf isn't a deadbeat because she's the one who wants to keep is child away because he won't dump me. Childish reasons. But really my son? He doesn't deserve to be called ugly. He's innocent in all this. But I just find it irritating and funny at the same time that she would stoop that low to talk down on a baby who's gonna be 2 months... Sorry just needed to vent. I just thought to share my events with you ladies. Have anyone been thru this with their man exes or baby mama?Β 
This is my sonΒ