A million different questions...

Ok, so maybe I don't have a million but I have a few...
2 weeks a new/first time mom on Friday
-My vagina no longer hurts to urinate but it does throb and feel swollen. It hurts to sit and get comfortable. Can anyone relate? Any suggestions?
-Does anyone else get an upset stomach right as their baby wakes up?
-I randomly cry everyday. At first it was bc I was scared I wasn't caring for her properly, now it's bc I feel disgusting. I wasn't hormonal at all during my pregnancy. Is this normal? 
-My baby sleeps 4 hrs sessions in the afternoon but only 2 hrs sessions at night. Any suggestions? Is it too early to try to put her on a schedule?
-My baby sleeps best in her bouncer verses her bassinet. I'm worried about her spine since she's sleeping at an angle. Comments?
Thanks in advance! :)