How soon did you go back to work after csection?

Tonni • Coty❤️💍 Emmy: 11.08.13💖 Grayson: 09.07.16💙 Grace 11.24.17💖
I am 2 weeks postpartum. I feel great but I know my body isn't completely healed yet. I'm just curious to see when others went back. I do housekeeping for a hotel so just a lot of bending and waking which doesn't both me much. My uterus is still shrinking so there's the pain there and slight pelvic pain still. But seriously, the pelvic pain during pregnancy was more painful than the second day of recovery (first day I still had pain medication from the spinal). I just don't want to have to wait for 2 months to go back cause that's a week before my daughters birthday and it'd be nice to have extra money before then so I can get her the Anna Elsa scooter she's been talking about for months! Off topic again... oops. When did you go back to work? And when did you start to feel normal again? I PERSONALLY know that a csection for ME is better than a vaginal delivery, that was horrible, that's what made me have a primary csection. Best choice ever. And yes, no more kids for at least 5 years and possibly no more. One boy and one girl. Good enough.