He's 20 I'm 16

🌌Savannah 🌌

Hello im in highschool and 16. I'm also in the band program in school. I have many directors in band......but our drum director doesn't have a teaching liscense and I have had dreams that lead to feeling about him

Looking back he's always had a sweet spot for me I guess..........idk if I remind him of a ex or is he just sees me like a sister.

I have alot of panic attacks while I'm at practice and he's always over where I'm at to help me. One practice of was having suicidal thoughts and it caused me to have panic attacks and he came over to me and asked if I was okay and rubbed my back. I was not creeped out or anything but I've never seen him touch someone in band like that

He hangs around me alot and stuff and I noticed it. Problem is he's 20 and I'm 16 and he works for the band and he would get in serious trouble. Plus idk if he even likes me but it seems like it

What do yall think I like responses