I'm feeling unappreciated

So my "best friend" told me she hit up a guy I like and didn't take in consideration about how I would feel. Let it be known that im ALWAYS there for her and ALWAYS listen to her when she cries about the stupid shit that happens to her and I've only cried to her once. After she told me this I hung up the phone and cried so freaking hard. I'm always trying to find someone to be in a happy relationship with and she always interferes.I called my other friends and told them what happened and they understood why I was upset.
This constantly happens to me. I rub her back when she needs to be consoled but she never does the same for me. I came to the conclusion to just distance myself from her and be around people that appreciate me and actually love me. I feel bad about not being straight up with her and telling her that I'm clearly upset but, she should know! I mean she knew I was talking to the guy she hit up. I'm also the type of person that has to get their feelings together before they say something they don't mean it ends up crying like a big baby to the persons face.
I guess what I'm asking is, am I doing the right thing? Distancing myself and not confronting her so head strong? I literally told this girl everything me and this guy had been through and she still did that.