It had been a long sooo many weeksI had been having contractions since just before i reached 36 week...


It had been a long sooo many weeks

I had been having contractions since just before i reached 36 weeks, strong ones that required me to be admitted.

Unfortunately my body wasn't doing anything else so they sent me home and told me to come back into ante natal clinic to visit doctors to discuss induce me.

Three weeks, an appointment each week had led them pushing me another week to try and make her as safe as possible

At 39 weeks at my appointment we finally chose a date to induce me as i had been contracting too long.

It was set for the 21st of september to start the induction and the 22nd for it all to start.

Well someone didn't like it because that same afternoon i started getting more painful contractions and by 7pm they were excruciating.

I held off until midnight before calling my mum and mum inlaw and getting my fiance up to take us to the hospital.

I had finally dilated to 2cm but they decided to send me home to continue until it was further progressed.

On the 20th of september after no sleep we finally went back in and they decided they might aswell induce me then rather than tomorrow when i was booked anyway.

So they did an internal to see if they needed to help me dilate faster and i had dilated to 3cm by then and they decicided to just go straight ahead and break my waters.

The pain increased ten fold and as much as i thought i wouldn't be a screamer for a good two or so hours thats what it got to.

The pain was bad but i think it was also mostly shock.

I had tried a tense machine and hot packs, i tried the gas which just made me want to vomit, the only thing at the time that helped was hot showers.

At around 2pm i finally couldn't take the pain anymore and they decided to give me some strong pain killer to help get me closer to the next stage, which worked wonders i was able to get my sense of control back and get through the contractions.

I tried the gas again which really helped this time and with them giving me anti nausea medication aswell i was able to tolerate it.

By now i felt the urge to push and started to swell closed because ny body wasn't ready.

I tried desperately not to push until finally they said to start doing little ones to help get me over the edge and into final stage.

By about 8:15 pm the specialist cane in the room to see how dilated i was and if they needed to strengthen the contractions to help.

And within 5 minutes of that they had done an internal i was 10cm and ready to push.

They aren't lying about the ring of fire to tell you one thing.

The first pushes were horrific and myself and my partner heard a loud pop like a rubber band flicking.

Another so many sets of 10 second pushes and our darling daughter Stacey was born and she was perfect in everyway.

The funniest bit was them taking out the placenta they had turned the gas to full and i almost passed out could barely see my eyes kept rolling and i couldn't breath my fiance thought i was trying to say i was hot till i finally managed to find the mask he was holding over my mouth for the gas and push it away saying i couldn't breath.

But i did it and without an epidural and with an amazing team of midwives and loved ones

I had pushed her out completely drug free and couldn't be more proud of myself for doing it. Which meant a lot because i had been told I'd neber have a natural birth and here we are.

Our bubba girl is so precious, she is so curious and content and barely cries.