nipple problems

Hey girls, 
I've been battling with very very itchy, dry flaky nipples since last year. I went to a breast clinic last year to get it checked and the doctor shooed me off saying it was eczema and told me to use Cetaphil body wash and moisturizer. This worked up until the beginning of the summer when it started again. I went back to my doctor who said it could be a skin yeast infection and told me to mix hydrocortisone and canesten and apply it to my nipples twice a day for 10 days. This helped against the itching but now I'm supposed to stop treatment and it's even worse than before. Like huge flakes and itchiness that keeps me up at night. I'm taking another appointment with my doctor but I thought I'd check o see if anyone here has had similar issues or could have any idea what's going on :(
Thanks in advance
***edit*** just to put it out there, I'm not a breastfeeding momma, my nipples are just out to get me :(