Gestional diabetes


So I was told today I have gestional diabetes after taking my 3 hr test on Friday. Although my numbers were high they weren't nearly as high as the 1 hr test done 2 days prior. My fasting numbers were amazing from what dr told me so he was a little confused. My concern is with this pregnancy so much food makes me sick. I eat mostly mix veggies, yogurt, and I do a protein shake to get my protein since all meat makes me sick (even chicken) it really sucks bc I have also become lactose intoler as well. When I want something a lil sweet I turn to apples. I have always tried to keep an eye on what I eat bc I grew up with my dad being a type 2 diabetic, so it's second natural almost. 2 weeks before my glucose test the dr was concerned bc I'm measuring 2 weeks bigger and also at my 22 week ultrasound she was measuring almost 3 week bigger. I am a very petite girl however I have given birth to a 9lb baby 8 years ago. This is my first time having gestional diabetes. Anyone have any suggestions of good snacks to eat? I'm asking bc like I said I'm limited on what I can eat and I can never eat a big sitting to begin with


10 weeks to go