I'm at fatass for eating Mac & cheese apparently

Allison • 4/17/15
I'm in my period. I decided to go to KFC & buy myself a large side order of KFC after school so I could eat it on my drive to work (45 min). I took a picture of it on snapchat to send to my boyfriend & accidently selected to put it on my story & was too lazy to unselect it so I decided "fuck it. I'll tell the whole world about my mac & cheese" & posted it because it's just mac & cheese right?
APPARENTLY NOT. So this fuckboy I have added & USED to be friends with decided he needed to have a say in my eating habits. He told me it was disgusting because of how terribly unhealthy it was for me. I told him I didn't care. So he decided to continue on asking me if I've gotten fatter yet. Telling me about how eating fast food will kill me & cause me to gain a bunch of weight & I need to stop unless I want to get fat. After that I just replied with "ok?" He opened it & then I blocked him.
There's so many reasons this pissed me off... ONE. ITS MY DAMN BODY I EAT WHAT I WANT. I've been working out recently too & im quite proud of what I've accomplished so far & I know mac & cheese won't kill me. TWO. I barely know this guy anymore. He doesn't have a say in what I eat. This is also the same guy who told me, WORD BY WORD. "Allison, I think you're hella hot. But you're goddamn annoying. If you weren't attractive I probably wouldn't talk to you." I don't even know why I spoke to him after that Tbh. AND THIRD. I've been struggling since I was 10 (currently 18) and I had always seen myself as fat. Within the past two years I've gotten a lot better with accept with my body though. Like I mentioned before I've started exercising so that's began to help a lot with my self-esteem. I'm just pissed because I'm of moody today & then he feels the need to butt in - douche canoe, asshat, fuckboy.