Do you ever get upset with your SO if he uses something of yours without your permission?

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I ask because my husband has been using my laptop repeatedly without my permission. Even though I've made it clear that he needs to ask me when he wants to use my laptop. I feel honestly that there needs to be some boundaries between us. I tell if he just asks most likely I will say yes. I don't really have a problem with him using my stuff if he just asks. I do mind when he starts acting like he can do whatever he wants on my laptop. Like when I find that he downloaded things on my laptop without my permission. I confront him about it all the time and usually his response was ''why do I have to if I don't make you do that with my things". My usual response is because you never thought it was a problem before until I started telling you need to ask permission to use my things. And usually I do ask you when I want to use something of yours. I just want him to understand that I want a little something to myself. We usually share everything and I just feel like he's invading my space a little. I'm not trying to hide anything from him. He usually knows what I'm doing on there because if he asks me I tell him. And he can see if he wants to. Am I overreacting? Plz no rude comments.

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