Relationship or No relationship?

I have been mulling around this question for a long time and thought I would get some more opinions. 
I am at a point in my life when family members start to ask when am I getting married, having kids blah blah...
When I stop to think about the whole senerio it's a nice little fantasy,but for me it's not a reality.🤔
I just don't see the point given how this generation of men are not at all what I could be attracted to. 
I feel like I have to time travel back 50 or so years to bring here the man I would like to be with. 
As for now, I'm single and love it.  I have no one to report to like I'm a child, I come and go as I please, I take care of my self, if I want a kid I'll get in-vitro fertilization, I want company I have a dog that doesn't bitch back or judge me, and if I'm horny I have great toy that gives it to me like I want it when I want it with an orgasm each time. No fake O...😳 needed. 
I just don't see the benefit of a man in my life. what, to take out the trash ?