breakup time ?

NayNay • I just want to be in love and be loved, I know we don't need a man but I want a man to desire me and only me ❤️
Okay so my BF and I have been through so much, I caught him sending and receiving nudes from his ex and another girl he went to HS with. I was so heartbroken, I said I was gonna leave him, he then started crying saying that he was an idiot and that he loves me, he basically said all the right things so I stayed. Ever since I've had trust issues, well me. Anyways, we got in an argument because he was all over the HS girls Facebook page and it got me mad. But guess what he got mad that I was going through his phone 😑 like wow.. we have always been close to breaking up but we end up backing out of it. But now idk I feel like I can trust him again or I just don't care anymore, I honestly don't know what it is I'm feeling. We have fun together and all, like I enjoy his company he makes me laugh we have amazing sex.. also we live together we've been together almost 2 years.. I'm so confused