I need advice

So I've never really done this so I'm not sure how to begin but my boyfriend and i have been dating for 6 months now, this is the third time it's happened! I work two jobs and he just started his 2 today, after he got of work last night he asked if I wanted to go out, well I had pulled a double two days in a row and was super tired being my days start at 5:45 am and end 10:30/11:00pm. Well I didn't mind he went out but he told me he was going to be home at 1:30. Well I went on back to my house and he called at one saying that at 1:30 he lives with his grandma as well do I live with mine. His grandma called and said she was going to sleep so he said he would just stay at a friends house. Well at 7:20 this morning he told me that he stayed at his friends house but made it seem like he was back home and was getting ready to work. He wasn't he was still at his friends. He then said he had not been to bed that he stayed up with his friends. So I'm not upset that he went or even stayed there I'm upset that he didn't tell me! Oh he also said he had his uniform in the car for the job he is starting today that he put it in there last night! I don't believe he would cheat on me at all! But do I have a reason to be upset or am I over reacting?