He Left Me

Here I am, single and pregnant, for the 2nd time in a row. I did not see this coming as this man was so wonderful. My whole family loved him, and he was great to my son (5 years old). I got pregnant while on the pill and freaked out! My last child died from SIDS at 1 month old, and his dad was just awful from the start. That pregnancy I was being careless though and not using BC so I owned it. This time my ex was so supportive and excited. I pulled away because my son hasn't even been dead for 2 years, and to say I went into depression and isolated myself is an understatement. Then, after a fight over something really stupid, my BF decides he is done and there is 0 chance of us ever reconciling again. Just like that. I almost went through with an abortion but couldn't do it when the day came. I guess I'm just looking for support. I am so hurt to be in this position again. He always talked about us in the future and getting married, then this. While dating is years off, I just can't help but think that no one will ever want me with 2 kids. And I'm scared to death. I know he's a great dad and we plan to share parenting but I still feel so alone and crappy. Like this cannot be my damn life😔