he makes having stretch marks THAT much easier💗👫

Vicky • Harley's mommy 💙👶🏻 💙 12-4-16
My SO is hands down my BEST friend. We like the same foods, have the same attitude, are both stubborn and hardheaded, have our names tattood (say what you want💁🏻) and are just about the closest things to two peas in a pod in every aspect of life (even when we fight, and they get incredibly bad) so you can imagine. So now, at 7.5 months pregnant he's gained a little bit of that "dad bod" weight just like I've gained my fair share of weight as well, which came with the dreaded stretch marks 😭 he would always try to make me feel really good about myself and "rocking those stretch marks" but they still REALLY bothered me, I'd cry and feel less beautiful. Today, after showering we noticed something! HE LITERALLY HAS GOTTEN STRETCH MARKS IN ALL THE SAME PLACES I HAVE AND ITS SO CRAZY. Stomach? Yup. He has them. Same side, same amount. Hips? YUP. THERE TOO! Thighs? Youuuu betcha. And no. He didn't have them before, they gradually got there but were bright red today. It's literally the scariest most craziest thing I've ever seen 😳 so now, instead of feeling bad about myself i have my best friend, with stretch marks in all the same places, so it's just another "ME TOO" to add to our list of similarities and every time I look at them, I laugh a little knowing that yup, there's the man of my dreams, my rock, literally right by my side through thick and thin going through it all with me like he promissd he'd always do.