uti/kidney infection/irritated clitoris???

Hey everyone. This past week I've had a uti that started going into my kidneys. I was prescribed a strong antibiotic, tomorrow is my last day taking it. My kidneys feel almost entirely better and my uti sytmptoms feel almost entirely better as well. Weird thing is tonight my clitoris randomly became slightly (the tiniest bit) swollen, red and my clit and the surrounding area (mostly above it, not the area towards my vagina) is itchy and burns. I know antibiotics can cause yeast infections but I've had my fair share of yeast infections and never had this happen. Has anyone ever had this happen before with either healing utis or a yeast infection? If all my symptoms don't clear up within a day or so I'll be heading back to the doctor for sure but I was just curious if anyone has ever experienced this before! Thanks!