my poor baby sister!!

Jade • 💍12.04.2015 RJH02.03.2018💖 baby#2 due June 2021🥰 baby Girl! 💗 Mom of girls!
Okay I have to rant so my sister was at cheer practice and my mom had bought my little sister grace who is 5 and a toy gun well after practice she was swinging on the swings with my older sister Aubrey who is 10 and 5 Jr. High boys come up pushed my little 5 yr old sister down on the ground and takes her gun so Aubrey who is 10 knows pressure points and the boy dropped the gun and then came back and stole the gun again and Aubrey couldn't do anything that time also they called grace a mother f***** and a B**** several times well you want to no why didn't adult stop this well idk either I'm pissed and upset I meant jr. High boy picking on a 5 yr old wth!? I love my baby girls please tell me your thoughts?