Want to hear a funny story?

So my Hubs and I have been TTC for about 8 months now. And we are at a point where if it happens cool if not next month. And this month according to Glow (which has been extremely accurate for me) told me I should get my girlfriend on the 18th. Y'all, IVE NEVER HAD A LATE PERIOD. So a day or two went by and I'm like omg Daniel this is it. Well, that day I went to the bathroom and had just a little bit of blood and needless to say I cried knowing it was the start of my period. Totally pissed at my body for getting my hopes up. So my wonderful husband took me out for wings and there was a drink special and he got pretty tipsy by the time we left and he's like Britney let's get a pregnancy test for one another to just laugh it off that it's not this month. So he got a cheap one for him and a good one for me. Well I went first and here's the funny part-- two freaking lines showed up. So my half-drunk husband is almost in tears shoving water down my throat to continue to pee on two more tests that turn out to be positive. So L-O-L at our life and looks like we are in it for the long haul 😅😂 
*If you read this far down Good for you!