Kitty Kat
I never had trouble in school or work before, but now that I am 28 and my work is very sedentary I find that my mind wanders and I have a hard time staying focused at work. After looking up ADD, I noticed other symptoms such as zoning out during conversations or waiting my turn to interrupt a conversation, being bored during driving to the point I want to talk or play on my phone (which I hate to admit because I know it's horrible), also shaking my legs. I saw my doctor yesterday and she diagnosed me with ADHD and prescribed adderall. I was kind of taken back as to how fast she was to do this. I really expected her to refer me to psychiatry for diagnosis/treatment. I don't know much about adhd but I have been doing some research. All I know personally is from hearing people that are reluctant to treat their children for this, which in turn, makes me kind of reluctant to treat myself. Does anyone here have any insight on adult ADHD and treatment with medications? Would you be willing to treat yourself? Why or why not? My biggest concern is my work as I feel that my productivity is suffering as a result of not remaining focused.