Second scan needed after anomaly scan

Laura • One son 16years old, had Ectopic and lost my baby on 12th Feb2014 ❤️ 2nd ectopic baby lost Nov2014, had Darling daughter on 7/2/2017
So we had our 20weeks scan yesterday, saw bubba and it's heart beating away whilst moving lots. Just a shame baby didn't turn because it was facing down towards my spine. Lady managed to get most measurements except the heart, although I could see four chambers on the screen. She had me turning and twisting and she was prodding and jiggling my belly so much but baby had none of it. All measurements were normal just the heart needs to be looked at again due to 'fetal position restricting view'. I go back in 2 weeks. I can't help but worry especially as she got all the other things on her list to check except the heart :( Has anyone else experienced this? And baby been ok?