Baby boy came the day he was to be induced!!!


9/16/16 I was set to be induced at 10 am. (41 weeks and 3 days) Well 4am rolled around and I woke up with cramping and my water broke!! Things were going really well until I started pushing, his heart rate would drop too low when I'd push, then he had a large amount of meconium, they tried to vaacumn him out while pushing, still no luck and heart rate still dropping, so I was rushed for an emergency C-section. Scariest thing I've ever been through, was so scared for my baby, my hubby too, but we were all taken care of so excellent and they got him out quick and safe!!

Benjamin James Rutledge

Born 9/16/16 @ 8:08 pm

8 lbs even and 19 inches

We are SO in love!!!