29 weeks... Husband and I are not talking! **RANT**

Joy • Proud Wife and Mother of 2 + 1 OTW!💓
So I have been overly excited to spend time with my husband, who works full time along with doing side jobs most nights. I also work 12 hour shifts. All I want is quality time. Instead, he always claims to be too tired. Last night I offered to give him a sugar scrub and he declined. Instead, he chose to go to a birthday party. I went from sad to a hormonal bitch. As the clock went from 9..10..3AM! I was more than furious! So I gathered all of his clothes and put them in the garage. At this point, i want him to leave and never return. He hasn't said one word to me or visa versa. I'm so emotionally drained and saddened by his actions. How can a married man want to stay out all night? I feel like I've lost all respect and no longer want to be married. I'm pregnant with my 3rd child and our first son. My goal is to raise a respectful boy into a man who will respect women. I'm soo depressed and hurting right now! 😥😷😓😓😓😓😓 Any advice ladies?!?