my (ex) boyfriend liked a lesbian 😂

Ok the beginning of summer my boyfriend broke up with me, he went to his military summer training program. While he was away we continued to talk everyday when we got the chance too, trying to work things out.
When he came back he told me he liked a girl he met at his training, which obviously broke me. I, of course, started checking her social media profiles out and seeing who she is. I came across a few pictures which made me question something about her. My boyfriend & I continued to hangout, hook up and act as if we were still a couple. One day I debated on telling the girl what was going on, but I knew it wasn't my place to do so.
After of fighting and getting upset over the girl, she confronts and breaks it to  my boyfriend, she's not interested in a relationship with him, because not only is she wanting a relationship, but she's also a lesbian.. 
I honestly have nothing against gay/lesbian people I love them! But that my boyfriend had a crush on a lesbian kills me 😂😂😂
I cracked up laughing up and I felt so bad for him but it was karma. Break up with me, like another girl she'll fuck you over more than I will