Stella Rose has arrived

Jennifer • 29 • Wife • Mama of 2 🌈
Her original due date was October 4th but she had other plans. On September 30th, I woke up at midnight to go pee... just like I had every single night for the past 2 months lol.. I couldn't fall back asleep so I played on my phone while I layed in bed. At approximately 1am, I felt a *pop* in my belly 😳 and I thought "surely that wasn't my water... water would flow out regardless if I was standing or sitting" so I just stayed in bed for another 10-15mins. I got up and *WOOSH* it started flowing like crazy. I ran to the bathroom, turned the light on which woke up the hubby. The adrenaline was pumping and I start talking fast. "Omg. My water broke. Omg. We're gonna have a baby! I have to eat. Take a shower.  Omg get ready!!!!!!!" 😂 we got to the hospital an hour later & as soon as we pulled into the parking lot I made the stupid comment that I haven't had any contractions and *boom* the first one hit within a minute. Poor hubs asked me a question and I couldn't respond so he asked again and I was like "I CANT TALK RIGHT NOOOOOOOW!" 🙈 anywho, went to triage, got admitted, they (for some got awful reason) gave me pitocin instead of letting me process naturally. I know once water breaks you're on a time crunch but UGH! My contractions went from tolerable to I thought I was going to die. I wanted to get an epidural but they said they had to wait for me to progress first. In less than 2 hours I went from 2cm to 6!!! The nurse told me "oh. No wonder you were in so much dilated so quickly 😒"
 they ordered the epidural. 
Absolutely amazing 🙌 until it started wearing off on the right side when I got to 9cm. I begged them to fix it before I had to push and they were able to but then it started wearing off on the right side... again!!! 😩 I couldn't get her past the pubic bone and I was feeling each contraction, her head coming out, the stitches... it sucked but I'd do it all again for her. 
Labor was a total of 9 hours. 
Pushed for about an hour and a half 
delivered a healthy 8lb4oz & 20.5in little girl 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕