needing baby shower advice due march 24th

I am now 15 weeks pregnant and already know that I am having a little girl through the chromosomes test. (Ariah Rayne).  my due date is march 24th and with the holidays coming up I'm not sure when I should do my baby shower. I can't do it a month before my due date due to my sons birthday being February 24th. I don't want to do it to close to Christmas or even right after Christmas do to the stress of the holidays I am thinking of doing it early maybe late November but I'm not sure if that's to early. I also want to have the time to get everything I will be needing for the baby with out stressing over it that's why I want to do it early. I also thought about in January but there are a lot of family birthdays in January. So really I just need advise on should I do it early and say oh well it will give me more time to organize and get things that I need and not have to stress. Or should I wait till later no matter holidays or birthdays.