Precum and unprotected sex

A couple of weeks ago I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend my period was suppose to arrive October 1st according to this app and I'm never late always on time using this app. I'm in my mid twenties so please don't judge me. Well recently I've been feeling tired, smelling foods that I want, and having a BM a lot more lately three times or more everyday. I've been having cramps on and off prior to the days my period was suppose to come, but never  showed up. My boyfriend didn't come inside of me so he told me I had nothing to worry about, because precum can't get me pregnant, but to top things off when we had sex I was on my last fertile day so I thought nothing of it when we having sex. Lately I've been throwing up everything I eat and I hate it maybe I'm just stressed and having a headaches that is constant, also having severe back pain and my breast are slightly hurting. Should I just wait it out, because I know that period can be thrown off and not always constant and plus I'm in my mid 20's and I'm always regular and I've been taking medication for anxiety and for BV (bacteria vaginosis). So I'm thinking that's why my period is off. Should I take a pregnancy test or wait until I see if it comes?