im going to cry please help

i cant calm down about a week ago i had unprotected sex i took a plan b 15 hours later a few days ago my boyfriend and i did anal and he came i ran to the bathroom and put my hand bear my butt (i hope this isn'y grossing anyone out) there was cum everywhere so i stuck my finger in my vagina to make sure none went in but what if ny finger had cum on it and i got myself pregnant im so terrified its too late to take plan b again it was over 5 days ago im freaking out i feel like ive been peeing alot lately im gonna be 17 soon i cant have a baby i have my whole life ahead of me it'll ruin everything please guys i need some help home remedies or some assurance or comfort i feel like i can feel safe and open in this <a href="">eve</a> community i cant tell my parents at all no questions asked guys im gonna cry i cant do this please belp i cant have an abortion in my state without parent consent what am i gonna do