read this in your mom's angry voice

hi, i downloaded this app maybe two hours ago? ive read a lot of bullshit. petty. ass. bullshit.
there are a lot of youngins on here because bodies develop much before the mind can. sex ed in schools is awful and unreliable - from my experience, and can be confirmed by some of the things young girls and even older women say or ask on here. this is a discussion forum, we all have different opinions- i get it. however, we must remain RESPECTFUL of ignorance, do our research and do our part to INFORM the youth and NOT make them feel bad for asking questions or being misinformed!!! i was so excited learning about this app's forum, hoping it would be an all-inclusive positive space where different people can come together and discuss their lives, questions and feelings respectively. i am very disappointed in many of the comments ive read here today.