how to handle older kids and their friends.

So we moved into a new neighbourhood and it's really great. Everyone is welcoming and all kids play outside in the evening. My kids 10 and 8 also play outside and share balls and Pokemon cards. Our house is getting renovated and there are too many things happening at once. On top of that I am pregnant and like my own space a lot. Problem is the neighbors kids come in and want to play hide and seek all the time. I have gently refused them a few times but now it's getting out of hands. I do not allow hide and seek inside the house due to paint jobs and renovations. Plus I don't want them to have a wrong expectation as soon we will be having the baby and we will need quiet time at home when the baby is napping or feeding. I don't like people hiding into my closets or going through my bathroooms. What should I do?? I don't want them to stop coming over as they bond really well with my kids but they keep on asking for the same thing and with my crazy pregnancy hormones I'm losing my patience faster then ever. Help please !!!!