Af due 10/20


If I conceive this month I'll be due on my birthday. My cousin just had her baby the other day. I want this so badly.

Anyone else due around the same time? It's fertile week!!

4 dpo- bloating, diarrhea, HOLY CHEST PAIN -could be unrelated though.

5 dpo- diarrhea, emotional , fatigue, chest pain is better

6 dpo- fatigue, emotional, allergies acting up

8 dpo- light cramps, leg pain, fatigue, moody

13 dpo- light cramps, moody, fatigue, allergies, sore nipples

14 dpo- weepy, emotional, cramps, fatigue, sore nipples.(feels like af is coming)

15 dpo- fatigue, cramps, emotional, sore nipples