Sex Story (I'm 16)

I lost my virginity to a guy (19) last week, it wasn't great (used a condom). Once he got off, he literally left. The next day, I had my best friend over and we both organised to go have sex with guys, I stayed home and she got picked up. The guy I have sex with with (20) and he was absolutely amazing, he spent the night and we had sex in the morning too (no protection). We had sex again a few days ago (again, no protection) and we both have contributed to a stash of condoms at my house. Since we used the pull out method, we were both quite worried about me falling pregnant, but luckily for us, I got my period yesterday. As soon as I found out that I got my period, I told him and he was super happy about it. He tries to rush me into doing certain things but I tell him that I'm not ready to do it yet and he completely understands.
Thanks for reading