Mentally damaged need advice


Long story kinda short:

April of 2015 thought I was in love he was great the first few months but changed he started abusing me hitting me throwing me punching me trying to push me off a balcony pulling out knives and I grew tired of this low life so I started to fight back because every time I cried for help no one came he pissed on me and I got livid I Punched him hit him even though he was stronger than me he spit in my face and so I did it back I went to the cops and they had him arrested and we'll so was I bc I spit back at him I cried and went back to him ik stupid girl but I did then finally I left I met my boyfriend now of 7 months he has lifted me up but in the back of my head I still think about it and remind myself of what I went through sometimes it just pops up in my head and I don't know why and how I can get rid of it can someone please give me some advice or answers I'm only 19 turning 20 this month. My boyfriend of 7 months has built me up and gave me love that I needed and has done so much very sweet loving guy so he can't be the reason why I keep having these pop ups of my dramatic past brought up