3 day baby daddy challenge lol

We are not together and haven't been since I was 2 months pregnant. I'm almost in my 8th month. Not sure what's gotten into this man but he's been texting and calling a lot lately. Idk if it's a guilt thing or if he genuinely wants to work things out. I honestly don't want to be bothered with him but I told him I'd see how his actions play out. So far he's made appointments (I moved 2 hours away from him) and bought me a bunch of maternity pants lol. Which is great but honestly those things are expected. I am carrying his child after all. And I've been going through this alone... Financially, mentally and emotionally. I was going to do this 3 day thing where I don't reach out to him at all. I want to see if he'll continue trying to be around or if this is some weird mind game he's playing. I decided I'm gonna stretch it to a week. I've been doing fine without him and I'm finally to the point where it doesn't hurt to talk about it. I don't want to reopen the wound if he's not sincere. I decided to post here just to clear my head but if you have any feedback, I'm open to your options or thoughts.