My baby boy was born today at 5:46 pm on Sunday, October 2nd


My baby boy was born today at 5:46 pm on Sunday, October 2nd. He came extremely fast! I had mild to medium contractions that would gradually build and than gradually drop lower in pain happening for a week but nothing steady in regards to strength or time. Today I had no contractions at all. Just menstrual like cramping. All very bearable. I woke just after 12 and for once had no clue what I wanted to eat. I ended up with oatmeal and tea. For some reason my dad (parents came to help about two weeks ago) talking all the time was driving me nuts, so I went back to my room with my older son to watch tv. Kept getting the menstrual like cramping randomly but every time I moved to my opposite side they would subside. So I didn't think anything of them. I thought it was caused by the membrane sweep I had the day before. With my older son I had never felt anything like them but I figured it was because I was at 3 cm for a few weeks before my eldest was born and this one I was barely at 1 cm during the sweep. I even told my husband to go to work. I truly didn't think the baby would come today since I had zero contractions.

In fact, I had none until after my son was born. At 5 pm I woke up from napping off and on then told my son to get my mom and suddenly had horrible and unbearable menstrual like cramps. I told my mom to call my husband to meet us at the hospital at 5:07. Called my cousin for a ride but he couldn't pick up since he was working too. I told my mom i want an epidural and i don't think i could do it without. She calmed me and said "that is fine, you don't have to be in the birthing center. The other rooms are nice too." Called my next on the list and thankfully she picked up, and although she wasn't home, her mom and dad and brother were close. I guess they all were headed out but turned back around for me. They were out front of my building right when i got downstairs. I was in extreme pain and kept saying i waited too long, the baby is coming now. My mom kept calm and told me, "no he can't, your water hasn't broken." I felt the urge to push so much but forced myself to relax and repeat what my mom said in my head. But to be honest out loud were a lot more cuss words. Got to the er entrance of hospital and said i needed a wheel chair. But I couldn't move from the laying in the back of an suv to the chair. When they told me to sit on the chair, i somehow arched myself into a backwards plank screaming he is coming out NOW! They ran me to l&d and plopped me in the first available room which wasn't intended for delivery. Again i said i couldn't move from the chair to the bed. So i have no clue how many people helped lift me from my stiff backwards plank to the bed where i was with my head at the feet side. I could not move and again said he is coming now. My water never broke. But my son came out, bag intact with the umbilical chord warped once around his neck but his little hand pushed it away from him, at 5:46 with no contractions except the very painful menstrual like cramps. Unfortunately my husband missed our baby boy by literally 2 minutes. He did see the after birth though. Lol