To tint or not to tint? :)

La • Mommy to a gorgeous little girl ❤️ 12.21.16❤️ Due 8.24.18

I just got a new Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Edition.. it is beautiful! Now I can't decide if I want to tint her or not.

I worked so hard for this car. I'm coming up on a year of sobriety and am so thankful for all I have achieved! I was homeless, sleeping in a car when I could, and now driving an amazing one to my new apartment that I just decorated. It may only be a one bedroom but what more do I need than the love of my life, and the baby we created together with a roof over our heads, jobs to go to, a full fridge and the love and gratitude we have?! And now this SUV to show off my hard work and determination.

And yes, I am bragging a bit, and I deserve to. I don't have it all but I have enough!

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