After labor pains...

Brit • Blessings to all women TTC & giving birth. Married to my bestfriend, we have a beautiful 4 year old daughter & 5 months pregnant with our boy 🦋
So after finishing my Tylenol/Codeine TRYING to lessen the pain (which was failing miserably) I had called my OB office to see if he could refill my script. The office told me no and wouldn't even book an appointment unless I had proof of an infection. This was so crazy, my doctor would do anything for me especially if I was in pain. Now, I had my mother call and see if she could get a different story. They told her go to the ER even if she had an infection because there would be nothing they could do anyway. I guess so.
So I went to the ER nonetheless. It was unbelievable. The nurse who delivered my baby was the same nurse there working. It was honestly a blessing because atleast she knew what happened to me. As I was waiting for the doctor to check me, she clued me in on what actually happened to me during birth which I didn't actually know! I didn't even realize how much I didn't know. I was thinking I just had a second degree tear of the pernium and an outside labia laceration. Nope! I had a tear all the way up to my urethra and all the way down to my butthole. She said one of my inner labia was hanging off so doctor just cut it off since there was no way to repair it. Here I am with burning ungodly and terrible pain every which way I move an inch, well no wonder! And I tried to go days without meds 😅😅😅 
Well now I've got my Vicodin & some lidocaine gel which burns like fire. But hey, I'm in less pain and less weight now that I have one less labia lip! I guess the hole will be easier to find when the days of sex resume! Haha sorry tmi!