To all women TTC

I prayed for you last night. I prayed for you the night before. And I'll pray for you tonight as well.. 

I prayed that your heart wasn't conflicted with happiness and sorrow each time someone else announced their pregnancy. 

I prayed you wouldn't feel that there is something wrong with you. 

I prayed you wouldn't feel less of a woman. 

I prayed that you would realize how strong you are for continuing on your journey of TTC. 

I prayed that you wouldn't lose your hope and your faith in this obstacle life is throwing at you. 

I prayed for all of the women facing the dread of seeing a negative after waiting weeks to even test, even if you don't believe in praying yourself. 

I prayed that the months and even years of trying wouldn't way heavy on your soul and that you could be at peace, even after struggling for so long. 

I prayed that your positive would come at a time that is meant to be.

I prayed that your heart remains full of love and happiness despite the hurt and disappointment it has endured. 

I prayed that all of this pain you've over come is something you look back on one day as something that has made you a beautiful, strong woman. 

Most of all, I prayed that your day comes soon enough, where all your dreams of being a mother come true, as they surely will.