Stepson .. ?

I was told to take my post to a different room and how there aren't any Anon posts aloud smfh but anyways

Hey ladies

My stepson is 10 almost 11. He has ADHD and up until maybe 3 months ago when he would get excited he would do this flapping with his hands and jump up and down. His Dr said it was just he would get over excited.

But I would say around june he started doing this new thing where if he's gaming he puts his hands finger tip to finger tip and he moves his hands and fingers and makes a sound , or he will do it over his head tonight while he was gaming on a educational website he did this new thing where he put his hands out like a crab and moves his hands the same way as he would if he was doing it with his fingers ..

His Dr said it's motor ticks but my niece had tourettes and some of the signs he has too. So idk he had a nuerologist appt in Sept but they canceled due to a family matter so they weren't gonna be bck until oct. we gotta call and reschedule it which we are tomorrow.

I bring it up to my bf cause I wanna get answers and know what he has and if he needs meds or whatever .. or he'll outgrow it.

But my bf gets mad at me if I do and says I'm stressing him out or stop bringing it up ... when u talk to him while he does it he snaps out of it and stops

I heard it could be ASD , tourettes , motor ticks , or autism

Any advice ?

Please no bashing