so i need to get this off my chest but i cant really tell anyone because theyll assume im like dirty or something which is not the case. me an my fiance are 19 weeks pregnant & recently (about 2 months ago) moved in with his sister and her boyfriend. i didnt really want to because they have 3 dogs who piss and shit everywhere and its gross.. there are bullet holes in some walls, things falling apart and its just not the type of house that i come from. months before moving in here we had an incident. me and him slept over there house and stayed in their sons room for the night because he was away with a family member. the next day when i got home i had broken out in what i thought was hives. they were almost exactly like misquito bites just doubled in size. so not thinking much of it i just let them go away on there own. the next week we stayed again and slept in their sons room again. 2 days later i had broken out again and this time i thought maybe im allergic to something in there house or my house and im not realizing but i was much more concerned because this time they were like morphing together making enormous weird looking shapes of bites on my arms legs belly and 2 on my face! once again we slept there and this time when we woke up i had already broken out in more. so when i went to the bathroom that morning hubby started to investigate and found a bunch of bed bugs! he took pics and after we left that day he sent them to his sister and they immidiately freaked out and checked the room, obviously they found the bugs. they apologized and begged us dont tell anyone (which i wouldnt want to do anyway) and they began to exterminate on their own. they wrapped the mattress, threw out a specific pillow that was infested, bombed the room twice a week and kept it closed off for a long time. now when we moved in here we had to help them fix their sons room so that all his stuff from the extra room(now our room) could be moved back over. so we were already sleeping on the couch for a few weeks before fixing our room up and literally the day we painted our room and right before moving our new furniture in his sister comes downstairs crying that they found bed bugs in THEIR room now. and more than before. now i was under the impression that they had checked the whole house after having them in their sons room because honestly who the fuck wouldnt? but what ever.. so they go on to tell us we need to help remove all carpets from the house and we cant move our furniture in until this is done (didnt really want to at this point anyway) so first we took the carpet out of their sons room, then ours, and then the hallway. after that they told us that there were absolutely no more bugs and they sprayed them all and theyre all dead which i personally did NOT believe since i was a bit traumatized from the last time.. but anyway so hubby begged to let him finish the room and move the furniture in with our BRAND NEW mattress and let him finish the nursery. i told him over and over i didnt want to until we were sure this was over and he assured me there were no more bugs anywhere. so i let him move our stuff in. a couple days later his sister and bf took the carpet out of their room(which shoulda been done already in my opinion) but still the downstairs has all carpetting and has not been thoroughly checked for bugs. we have a leather couch but i still feel like everything should be checked out before just letting it go cause look where we ended up after last time. well last night sitting in the kitchen i looked down at my arm that was itching and knew right away. i had one oversized "misquito bite" on my arm that hurt to scratch and looked identical to what i had before except there was only one. i showed hubby and he told me theres no bugs its a misquito bite and im just stressing. they then saw a misquito fly in and killed it. i woke up in the middle of the night itching with another enormous one (like double the size of the first one) literally lined up a couple inches away from the first one. which if u do ur research is very common because they just walk along ur body bite then walk a little further and bite again so this had me freaking the fuck out. i made hubby check our bed he says its fine. i told his sister im just worried because im the only one in the house who gets bit nobody else ever has... and she tells me that i watched a misquito bite me yesterday in the kitchen and we all watched it swell up and then i got another one and they killed it which is not what happened at all! then she goes into the living room and tells the boys to check the couch cause thats the only place left they could be, her bf says they killed the misquito lazt night and she says i know theyre just misquito bites but shes bitching that its bed bugs so just check the couch. nobody did anything and now here i am. almost 5 months pregnant about to bring a child into a home thats infested.. my parents wont let me and my fiance live in their house even if we pay them as much as we pay to live here. they said only i can come live there and we need to work hard and get our own place to be able to live together with our baby. and that if i live there without him our baby will be fine but im just not comfortable doing that i want all three of us to be should i do im so stuck. no ones probably gonna read this whole thing cause its ridiculously long but i just needed to get this off my chest whether anyones listening or not.. cause i think i might go fucking insane living here any longer. :(