Med-free hospital birth 😳😁

I had my 36 week OB appointment on Monday, October 3rd and was told that I was 6cm dilated, 80% effaced, and baby's head was station +1. I had no signs of labor and was feeling great! I woke up the next morning at 2:30 feeling nauseous and had a little back discomfort...nothing really painful but it wouldn't go away with a shower, moving, resting, etc. I decided to wait until my OB's office opened at 9 to call my OB because my symptoms were not going away but they also weren't getting better/worse. I was feeling frustrated because I didn't understand how I could be so dilated with so few symptoms (turns out I have "silent labors." Google's crazy and I had it with my first son, too). I called my OB at 9 and was told to head into the office to be checked again. I got there at 10 and was 6-7cm dilated. He decided it was best to have me admitted to the hospital at that point since I was actually having contractions but couldn't feel them (plus I live 40min from the hospital so it wasn't really worth risking a highway-birth lol). I was admitted to the hospital around 11 and checked again around 11:30 and I was 8cm...still not feeling any contractions! My OB broke my water at 12:30 because my contractions were irregular. I started actually feeling contractions at 1 but they weren't painful until about 4. At that point I was having to breathe heavily and really work through the contractions. I started feeling the urge to push around 4:50, was checked, but only dilated to a 9. I started pushing anyway because my body was pushing for me. I literally could not stop it. My OB said "hold on!" since he was not ready for baby...there was absolutely no "holding on" and my son was born after two pushes! 😱 he was born 4 weeks early, weighs 7lb7oz, and 22in long. (Huge for being a month early, right?! Lol) He started having a rough time breathing so he's hanging out in the NICU right now. They said that because he came out so early and fast that it can cause some respiratory issues. After a few hours of oxygen he was doing much better and now they're just monitoring him. πŸ™Β 
I hope this was detailed enough for you. Both of my deliveries have been without medication and in a hospital. Feel free to ask any questions..I'll try to answer them as quickly as possible. Best of luck to you! 😚