Epidurals vs IV pain meds

Hi ladies. 2nd pregnancy here. I had an epidural with my firstborn and couldn't feel my contractions. Had GD so she was on the larger side, and didn't want to come out. They had to c section. This time I want a Vaginal delivery. My doc says I have a higher chance of that, if I don't get an epidural this time because you don't really feel how to push and can't change positions. But I've heard a lot of negative experiences with IV pains meds. That you feel drunk, or sick or dizzy. That it doesn't help with pain at all, that it can actually hinder the process of labor. Or can even effect the baby and they wont feed or it was difficult to latch. What was your experience? Should I do an epidural again but just later in labor? (I got it was soon as I got to the hospital I'm a wimp with pain) or is the IV really not that bad? Please help thanks.