finally a date for our c section 🎃

Myself & my partner attended our consultation yesterday for a date to deliver our baby. 
I've posted before of the complications we had with our son at his birth failure to progress due to my pelvis. And I've been advised (told) to have a scheduled c section for the safe arrival of our little girl!
It's not early and not even a full week before our second given due date it's the original date they gave us.
I'm just worried incase I go into labour early, which is fine as they've prepared me for that. But they would like to keep her cooking a little longer as her growth has been just under nothing major, but want to make sure she's well for delivery! 
I'm so freaking excited and nervous in one to finally have a date, if she comes sooner than that's how
It'll be but for now we can plan towards the date.